Macmillan Coffee Morning 2020!

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Macmillan Coffee Morning 2020!

Macmillan Coffee Morning 2020

So, this year’s Macmillan Coffee Morning was rather different to the norm! Our meeting room is usually jam packed (excuse the pun) with sweet treats baked by our lovely tenants, however due to Coronavirus we had to make a few changes this year!

We transformed our Reception into a grab and go cupcake stand! Our professionally baked branded cupcakes went down a treat as our tenants came out individually throughout the day to pick their cupcake and make their donations. We thought this would be a better socially-distanced option rather than cramming in the meeting room!

Despite the reduced treats and lack of our normal tea and chit chat, we still raised an incredible amount of £110.00 towards Macmillan Cancer Charity. Macmillan is a charity close to so many of our hearts, we know Coronavirus has taken over almost every element of our lives this year so we was determined not to let it ruin our Coffee Morning!

Cancer can affect every aspect of people’s lives – for example, health, money, family and job. Macmillan take the time to understand the support people need to live their lives as fully as they can. £52 could help run the Online Community Forum for over an hour, which typically, could provide nearly 750 people affected by Cancer the support they need, both emotionally and practically. Around £250.00 could pay for five people living with cancer to attend a health and wellbeing event, providing them with the skills to improvement the management of these areas in their lives. For us to raise somewhere in the middle of these 2 examples fills us with so much pride that we have helped support these people diagnosed with Cancer.

We can only hope that next year we have returned to a more ‘normal’ way of life, or at least enough for us to get back our fantastic Coffee Mornings full of homemade goodies and an office full of lovely people who not only take part, but also donate so very generously.

The Star Baker badge remains up for grabs!