Benefits of working out…during the working day!

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Benefits of working out…during the working day!



Now we know some of us are more pro-active than others. Exercise during your working day is however, a great way to keep healthy and productive. Not only does exercise improve sleep patterns but has been known to reduce stress, increase your energy levels and lift your mood. With this in mind can also boost your productivity! It may take some extra enthusiasm to make yourself get up and out, but you will be rewarded in so many ways!


Prevent workplace stress.

Working out during the workday can prevent workplace stress from various sources, including sitting for long periods, frequent interruptions and looming deadlines. Exercise can help handle these stresses more productively and from a more positive, balanced way of thinking by decreasing your heart rate, boosting energy levels and your mood.


Improve your attention span.

There is nothing worse than being up against it, clock watching and your focus is worse than ever. Although this may sound counterproductive, some time away from your desk, whether that be a walk or a work out can reset your mind and help you tackle the task infront of you. It’s almost impossible to focus on a task when you’re feeling stressed or anxious. Physical activity stimulates various brain chemicals that help positively manage these emotions.


Look after yourself.

In addition to being amazing for our mental health, managing anxiety and stress, exercise also reduces our risk of developing chronic conditions like heart disease, diabetes and hypertension later in life. Exercise has been shown to reduce anxiety by lowering the levels of stress hormones circulating through the body.


Improve your mood.

Just like how exercise improves your focus, it also can make you feel happier. Working out releases endorphins in to the body which are chemicals that produce feelings of euphoria and happiness. This will not only improve your productivity for longer periods, but will boost your mood!


Maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Now we aren’t expecting everyone to become marathon runners on their lunch breaks, but regular exercise throughout the week coupled with a nutritious balanced diet would naturally promote a healthy lifestyle and benefit both the body and soul!