10 Reasons to use a Serviced Office

10 Reasons to use a Serviced Office

In previous years, many start up businesses would have found it very difficult to get their hands on a premium business space, without having to take out numerous loans to equip and rent the office. Since then, Serviced offices have become a very popular option for many businesses and business start ups thanks to their easy set up and affordability.

For those not yet aware of the charms that a serviced office holds, here are ten of the best reasons why should you consider joining the growing number of businesses and individuals occupying a serviced office!

1. Location

So you’re looking for an office in the centre of a busy town? Serviced Offices can be found in some of the most prestigious of locations up and down the country. One quick Google search and you could find a serviced office on your own doorstep.

2. Low Cost

When you initially contemplate a serviced office you assume it’s an expensive option. However, you need to evaluate the bigger picture. Serviced Office Fees, for the most part, include everything from broadband to equipment and maintenance.

In comparison, leasing an unfurnished office, will traditionally be for a longer term which still needs to be furnished, cleaned, maintained and supplied with an internet connection. Therefore, if you weigh up the outgoings of setting up from scratch, you will often find a serviced office offers much better value for money.

3. Flexible

Most leased offices demand you sign an agreement for the minimum of 3 to 5 years. This can be daunting as who can predict where your business will be in five years time? With serviced offices, this worry simply does not exist. Licence Agreements vary for as long or as little time as you require, allowing you the freedom to expand or downsize as necessary. Although serviced offices notice periods are generally very minimal, still do your research beforehand to make sure this ties in with your plans depending how long or short you are looking to stay.

4. Fully Furnished

Think of a serviced office like a furnished flat – you are virtually ready to go. No time is wasted searching around for desks or chairs, or spending money which could be put to better use! Serviced Offices makes things quick and easy so you can concentrate on your business from the moment you move in.

5. Front of House Assistance

Can’t afford a dedicated receptionist? That’s OK, with a serviced office, your licence fee includes this in addition to your phone lines, internet connection etc! With all aspects covered such as call fielding, message taking and postal sorting included in the price, you free up some valuable time of your own!

6. Time is Money…

Serviced offices understand the needs of a business. Therefore, ensuring your room is ready to move into in every aspect ensures your business has no downtime. With furniture, internet, phone lines etc already in place allows you to pick up from where you left off!

7. Tech Support

Every business owner in todays world knows that someone with a bit of IT knowledge can be a lifesaver in many situations! From the server crashing to the monitor not working, many serviced offices offer an inhouse IT Department or fast response IT Consultants to deal with these unexpected problems and help get you back up and running in no time!

8. Maintenance

Serviced Offices across the UK include maintenance as standard within your monthly licence fee. From cleaning your office, to replacing the light bulb that’s gone in your room or repainting the hallway, these are all things you’re not paying out for!

9. Optional Extras

The beauty of a Serviced Office space is that you pay a fixed price for the office. If you want to add any extras, you can – at your own choice! So, if you would like more furniture than what is included in your room, you can rent it monthly! Similarly, you may wish to have a number of folders duplicated by the Secretarial team, which you can at a fraction of the price over your own time!

10. Networking Opportunities

Since many serviced offices house a variety of businesses all under one roof, you will have a hatful of opportunities to reach out and connect with likeminded individuals. Why waste time making the effort of going out to network when the opportunities come directly to you? You will often find an array of companies in your business centre who not only can form a fantastic business opportunity but can also provide friendly advice or expertise.

Now that you are aware of the many advantages a service office provides, you might need some help in choosing one. A simple google search will provide a range of serviced business centres across the UK.